One to One Executive Coaching and Psychological Support.

Every session begins with a ninety minute consultation.

This provides an excellent opportunity to hear more about a client’s objectives and expectations for the coaching work. The work is then continued in one of two ways

Short term work
12 sessions, where an objective is identified, and an agenda is set for each session.
There is also an option to include 'laser coaching' - A 10-minute session; offered for immediate or emergency support either by phone or video call.

Open ended work
Long term / ongoing work.
This allows for sessions to remain structured but offers the chance to be more reflective and more creative.

Sessions are fifty minutes in length.
Sessions are a collaboration with equal effort from Coach and Coachee.
Unlike Life Coaching, the opportunity to gain Insight is driven by trusted models and frameworks. You will have the space to explore, question and increase your psychoeducation.

Corporate Mental Health Programmes

Work, money and time are the top 3 things that make people the most stressed. The Stress report, 2018. Mind.

In the western world our identity is entwined with the role we play within our profession. Stress in our jobs extends into every domain of our lives.

The Corporate Mental Health programme includes separate workshops on the following themes:
• Effective Team Management
• Leadership & Accountability
• Improving Focus and the Power of habit
• Improving Self Care & Kindness

A demo presentation introducing the format of the workshops also includes the business case for improving employee welfare.

Organisations that introduce a proactive welfare & Coaching programme benefit from a 1 : 6 ROI Delloite 2020

SME Insights & Team Culture Review
This provides an opportunity to be onsite engaging with staff and management – Insight gained is shared and fed back to all stakeholders.

Objectives are based on assessing emotional needs and increasing personal and professional growth.

Absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turn over combined cost the private sector £34 billion per annum.

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