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I'm Alex, an Executive Coach and Therapist based in London. I work with teams and individuals to optimise their capabilities, add to their talent and reduce the negative impact of stress in their lives.

D uring the last five years, I have taken the opportunity to follow another career path after fifteen successful years in fitness and professional sport. After starting at a local authority sports centre, I would eventually go on to work with Red Bull New York (MLS), Lord's cricket, Queens Park Rangers and with John Neil (Sports Psychologist) at Buckingham Palace.

Working in fitness, I was used to dealing with injuries and making adjustments to help others come back stronger. But I was once faced with a health challenge of a different kind. I took time off away from work to focus on my mental health.

I received wonderful support and was able to experience the benefits of using different Areas of psychology during my recovery.

Having been inspired by the therapist's and their work, I began to focus on various aspects of mental health and how these differ from person to person. My experience taught me that success isn't always linear and that it's helpful to be open to different approaches. My interest peaked, and after quick research, I enrolled on to a Postgrad diploma course in Rational emotive behaviour coaching.

After setting up my Executive coaching business in 2017, I began to notice that much of the work was shifting from the professional domain to the client's personal domain. The stress caused by the specific demands of the client's job meant they often felt disempowered and unhappy. A pattern was emerging that I had already come across with athletes. When we are stressed our defences go up, and it's common to react disproportionately to certain threats that can seem personalised. These defences are often triggered unconsciously but become harder to remove from our behaviour over time.

I felt it was essential client’s needs weren't overlooked, and my focus on presenting issues widened. Working as a coach does expose the risk of overextending on professional competencies. Client welfare is too valuable to take risks with, so I started to work towards registration with the BACP and became a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor. Today I still continue to work with two agencies providing mental health care in the public sector.

I’m passionate about helping professional people navigate their careers successfully – without getting in the way of themselves or succumbing to anxiety, a lack of confidence and constant negative inner dialogue. We can build a better vision for your future work life and your personal life.

Let me show you the benefits of working with your emotional material and positive psychology.

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