Catch your breath in a climate forcing a need for constant progression.


‘of managers interviewed in the city - admitted putting the organisation before the welfare of their staff.’


Based on a career and personal life rebalanced

Recognise what a healthy balance looks like.
Do you want to be able to leave work at work?
Do you still want to keep your edge and optimise your Performance?
Do you want to get rid of that Sunday Fever forever?
Never dread going to work again, book a free consultation and assessment today.

Commitment to you, the client

This isn't life coaching. Motivation alone won't last.
Work with a qualified professional to establish a routine that works. Realise your potential by using empirically tested methods in neuroscience, performance psychology & EQ insights.

Prioritise your mental and physical wellbeing

I can provide you with a secure space to re-examine your current environment and your priorities.
Learn to change the plan that’s not working for you, not your goals.
Learn and apply better self-care and avoid work-related stress and anxiety.


Confidence in any working relationship
comes from trust

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